Residential Incentives

The Clearwater River Watershed District offers an incentive to area residents to establish shoreline buffers on their property. Why does the CRWD provide these buffer incentives? Buffers prevent sediment and nutrients from entering rivers, streams, county drainage ditches, and lakes. The less nutrients enter a water body, the cleaner the water body will be.


Lakeshore residents can buffer their lawns and we will help. The DNR (Department of Natural Resources) has grant money available, the local SWCD (Soil and Water Conservation District) has technical assistance available, and the CRWD will pay a one-time incentive of 20% the total cost (up to $750) for you to participate in buffering your shoreline.

While there are certain requirements for the size of the lakescaping buffer (depending on who is involved in the project), once established the buffer protects the lake, provides beautiful flowers, and attracts wildlife. Ongoing maintenance is very low. Also, for those who have a nuisance geese problem, these buffers help to keep geese off your property by limiting access. Contact the District office or your local SWCD for more details.