Agricultural Incentives

The Clearwater River Watershed District offers several incentives to agricultural producers to adopt best management practices (BMPs) in their operations. Listed below are some examples. Contact the District office with your questions and interest.


  1. If you enroll and establish a buffer in the CRP (Conservation Reserve Program), the CRWD will pay you an additional one-time incentive of $200/acre made directly to you when USDA authorizes your contract.
  2. Under the seeded buffer incentive option, the producer can establish a buffer that can be harvested for hay. The one-time up-front payment from the CRWD for a three-year period is $350/acre. This seeded buffer is intended for use along rivers, streams, and county ditches.
  3. The third option is intended for the corn, soybean, or small grain rotation. The CRWD will pay you $50/acre per year to not till a certain area after harvest. This option is intended for use where soybeans or small grain have been harvested. The following spring you simply till and plant like you always do.
  4. The CRWD is willing to pay you $50/year if you seed a 50'x50' area around your tile intakes into permanent grass. You will be paid $100/year if the permanent grass area is 100'x100' and $200/year if the permanent grass buffer around your intake is one-half acre in size. Some producers want to remove their open intakes and replace them with an underground rock inlet. We'll help you do that too. The one-time payment is $400/intake replacement.
  5. The CRWD provides a one-time payment for the establishment of grass waterways installed in the Cedar Lake Subwatershed. This payment will reimburse the property owner 25 percent of the cost of the construction and seeding costs, based on a plan developed and approved by the Natural Resource Conservation Service. The grass waterway must be maintained for five years.
  6. The CRWD offers technical and financial assistance for the replacement of open tile intakes with alternatives that maintain existing drainage while removing direct surface connects and improving water quality. Check here to learn more.


The Clearwater River Watershed District is also involved with assisting livestock producers with adopting BMPs in their operations. The District evaluates these projects on a case-by-case basis, often times joining with the local SWCD (Soil and Water Conservation District). Please contact the District office with your questions and interest.