More Stormwater Improvements for City of Kimball are on the Way

Mar. 25th, 2014: Annandale, Minn. – Stormwater from the City of Kimball is about to become a whole lot cleaner, thanks to a partnership between the Clearwater River Watershed District (CRWD) and the City of Kimball, and funding from state agencies.

Stormwater from the City of Kimball drains into Willow Creek, a designated trout stream and important park space for the community. Before the projects, high-temperature stormwater runoff, laden with nutrients, drained untreated into Willow Creek. Trout don't like high-temperatures; and too many nutrients can cause algae blooms in downstream lakes. Too much algae can make swimming and fishing unpleasant. The City also struggles with small-scale flooding during storm events.

The CRWD and the City started working together in 2010 to solve these problem using two grants from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources through the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment.

The recent street improvements in the City were made even better with two new grant-funded stormwater treatment basins which remove nutrients and sediment. The project will alleviate some flooding by installing a new pipe in Hazel Avenue between Elm and Oak Streets to carry stormwater to new treatment basins.

The result is cleaner, colder stormwater entering Willow Creek, which is great for trout fishing, and for keeping our lakes fishable and swimmable! Construction is slated to begin in April of this year- as soon as it thaws. Local contractor Kuechle Underground, Inc. will construct stormwater treatment basins as soon as frost is out; they will start street work this summer.

Be sure to check in with the CRWD at their website (, as well as the City of Kimball's website ( and the City's newsletter for more information as construction moves forward. Other information efforts will be underway as well for those businesses and residents adjacent to the construction area.

Targeted Watershed Application Reduction Project Selected as Finalist for 2014 Environmental Initiative Awards

Mar. 20th, 2014: Annandale, Minn. – Environmental Initiative, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization building partnerships to develop collaborative solutions to environmental problems, announced that the Clearwater River Watershed District's Targeted Fertilizer Application Reduction Project was one of three finalist selected for its 2014 Environmental Initiative Awards in the Natural Resources category. This category focuses on collaborative projects designed to implement sustainable solutions to preserve, protect, or restore land, water, biological diversity and other natural resources in Minnesota. These awards annually honor innovative projects that achieve extraordinary results by harnessing the power of partnerships. To learn more about this project, be sure to visit the project's page on the District's website here. And be sure to check out the project's abstract, as well as the other finalists at